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who is Lori Abosch?

Lori Abosch, also known as “the child whisperer”, holds an uncanny ability to “see” children, allowing her to seamlessly correct mysterious behavioral challenges. As an unmatched expert in child behavioral therapy, Lori touches the lives of children and parents as she moves from one household to another, transforming homes into peaceful environments that foster thriving children and improved relationships with parents.


Which behavior is most challenging for your child?

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Potty Training

Readiness to potty train is indicated by your child’s ability to accomplish certain tasks. Is your child ready?
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Whether a child is 2 or 17 years of age, mealtimes spent together play a vital role in your child's personal development.
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Does your child refuse to get into (or continually gets out of) bed and/or insists on sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed as he/she grows older?
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Establishing boundaries and trust is imperative to a parent successfully eliminating rebellious behaviors that occur in the community.
what they say

“She [Lori] immediately impressed us with the culture and curriculum that she had developed: one that fostered age-appropriate lessons while encouraging social skills and creativity in a loving, nurturing environment.”


“From pinpointing the root causes of certain behaviors and how to deal with them, to assisting us in aiding our young child to process a traumatic experience, we are eternally grateful for her intelligence, her advice, and her counsel.”


“Lori provided instrumental guidance through one-on-one meetings and parenting classes that she offered to all at the preschool. Sympathetic, yet always pragmatic, Lori was instructive, and quite frankly, a godsend.”


Lori’s Workshops Are Now Virtual

Lori brings her crash-course workshops to your home in-person or virtually as she equips countless parents with invaluable knowledge that ensures the best parenting possible in getting children to successfully surpass important milestones like potty training. Take these courses to gain educational insight on the development of your child with the help of Lori’s exceptional expertise in child behavioral strategies.

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Potty Training

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Parent Education

Parenting strategies

Bullying Prevention
& Solution Workshop

Questions? Lori is happy to answer them.