what they say

"We were searching for daycare and preschool options for our young son when we first met Lori Abosch, the Preschool Director of one of the locations that we toured. She immediately impressed us with the culture and curriculum that she had developed: one that fostered age-appropriate lessons while encouraging social skills and creativity in a loving, nurturing environment. After we enrolled our son, Lori continued to not only impress us, but help us to become better parents. As first-time parents, we sometimes struggled to find the right way to handle specific situations, or phases of our son’s development. Lori provided instrumental guidance through one-on-one meetings and parenting classes that she offered to all at the preschool. Sympathetic, yet always pragmatic, Lori was instructive, and quite frankly, a godsend. From pinpointing the root causes of certain behaviors and how to deal with them, to assisting us in aiding our young child to process a traumatic experience, we are eternally grateful for her intelligence, her advice, and her counsel."


"I have been a mom for 7 years. Like most mothers, I want to be the best parent I can be. I am at a stay at home and love it. But just like anything, it has its many challenges. Most of the time, you have no idea what you are doing. That is how I feel, anyway. From the beginning of parenthood, one of my main concerns was, how do I parent in these fundamental years, so that the children will be come responsible, self sufficient adults? You see, I have always thought that all we can do, as parents, is to put in the work early on, so it won’t be harder on us when it’s too late. I had looked high and low for a resource that could really help with this type of philosophy and there was nothing…..until I met Lori Abosch almost 4 years ago. She was the preschool director of the school I sent both of my children to. When she gave us the tour of the school and explained her philosophy on child behavior, all I can say was Hallelujah! Lori’s expertise is unlike anyone else in the field. Anytime, and I do mean anytime, I have a challenge with either of my children, she will identify the problem and tell me exactly how to rectify it. Lori has over 30 years experience and has seen it all. She has a framework that explains the true cause and effect of how and why a child behaves a certain way. Once she explains the reasons to you the answers are easier to realize. As parents, we get so emotionally involved in the situation, we can’t take a step back to really see what is happening. Lori helps you take that step back, analyze the situation and resolve it properly. She provides that map that we need to help us navigate through these choppy waters of parenthood. I truly mean it when I say, she will change your life."


"From the moment I met Lori I knew I was working with someone special. She has helped Potty Train my son and because of her guidance and patience I have successfully succeeded in a challenge that many parents face during the Toddler years. Everything Lori teaches comes from years of experience and her wealth of knowledge on childhood development exceeded my expectations. I am so happy I found Lori and I can’t wait to work with her again in the near future."


"I came to know Lori Abosch as a parent of a preschooler who was looking for a safe path through the tech wilderness. She answered all of my questions at a seminar she held for parents. As a fellow educator, I appreciate that Lori knows that every child is different and that providing the healthiest environment for a child must include knowledge of the child's interests and temperament, the home climate, and the family dynamics. My family and I are fortunate to have an expert to turn to as our family’s social-emotional needs change. Lori is a champion of family harmony."


"I am a working mother of two rambunctious daughters. When my eldest began throwing tantrums, seemingly over everything, I was at a loss as to what to do. I consulted several websites and talked to many other parents about my situation, but nothing I tried seemed to help. Thankfully, I had Lori to turn to for guidance on how to handle the ongoing tantrums. She not only provided simple clear advice on how to reign in the tantrums, she also gave me the reassurance I was looking for that I was doing the right thing. Children do not come with manuals, this is true. However, Lori seems to be the next best thing..."