my mission

“My mission is to provide the most valuable information at an affordable cost so that parents, caregivers and teachers can become their own best resources in raising and educating happy, healthy, contributing members of society.”


A Lifetime Dedicated To Children

Lori holds a degree in Child & Adolescent Development, is the author of the book, Change The Way You Look At Children, And The Children You Look At Change and is the creator and facilitator of a dynamic parent education course, Unlocking the Mysteries of Childhood Behavior. Her entire professional life has been dedicated to researching, understanding and teaching the connection and undeniable impact of primary emotional needs on all behavior.  Possession of this knowledge provides Lori the uncanny ability to naturally move children through crucial milestones from potty training to the rebellious period of adolescence while simultaneously eliminating mild to severe behavioral challenges without the use of harsh punishments or extrinsic reward systems, like sticker charts.

After 30 years of working in the field with children of all ages, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, Lori’s intention is to share her groundbreaking philosophy with anyone and everyone who has a relationship with a child. Lori is fully aware that persistent inappropriate behavior in a child can alter a peaceful household and/or classroom into stressful and chaotic environments. Lori's lifelong wish is to provide the most valuable information, at an affordable cost so that parents, caregivers and teachers can become their own best resources in raising and educating happy, healthy, contributing members of society.


A Compassionate Member of Society

On a more personal note, Lori is a long distance runner and a member of Paws of Love which is a volunteer organization. Her and her dog, Gracie, are a therapy dog team volunteering at Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills. There, they visit patients in critical care that are going through chemotherapy and bring comfort to families awaiting loved ones to come out of surgery.


Bring Lori to Your Home

Lori is able to work her best magic when she observes children in their natural environment. Parents often perceive and describe behavior in ways that prevent them from solving the problem. When Lori is in your home, she is able to assist in accurately identifying the challenge, modeling the most effective strategies and assist parents in achieving the desired behavior. Which behavior is your child having the most trouble with?

what they say

“She [Lori] immediately impressed us with the culture and curriculum that she had developed: one that fostered age-appropriate lessons while encouraging social skills and creativity in a loving, nurturing environment.”


“From pinpointing the root causes of certain behaviors and how to deal with them, to assisting us in aiding our young child to process a traumatic experience, we are eternally grateful for her intelligence, her advice, and her counsel.”


“Lori provided instrumental guidance through one-on-one meetings and parenting classes that she offered to all at the preschool. Sympathetic, yet always pragmatic, Lori was instructive, and quite frankly, a godsend.”


Questions? Lori is happy to answer them.