Need an Increase in Enrollment?

Lori served as a preschool director from 2007- 2017 at four different facilities. In each role she was successful in revitalizing and, in some cases, writing the entire curriculum for the schools that she served- resulting in a massive increase in enrollment. One preschool in the San Fernando Valley had a total of 19 students upon Lori’s hire and before leaving 4 years later the preschool’s enrollment had increased to 84, including a waiting list and the opening of 2 toddler programs.

Private preschools spend a lot of money on specific marketing strategies to grow enrollment. These strategies, are costly and are also time consuming for directors. Sending out personalized thank you letters to prospective families and placing two and three follow-up calls after a tour to a prospective family will be effective in bringing in a small percentage of families to a preschool. However, if a parent is leaving a school after a tour uncertain about the quality of care and education a preschool will provide, then the likelihood of that family signing up decreases dramatically once he or she walks out the door.


Lori Grows & Maintains a Preschool’s Enrollment by Assessing the Following Areas:

Curriculum Assessment

Whether a preschool follows Reggio Emilia, Montessori or utilizes a Play-Based approach, a successful curriculum, addresses the whole child.

Daily Schedule Assessment

Current trends encourage early childhood institutions to follow the lead and interests of the children as opposed to adhering to a strict daily routine. An effective daily schedule implements both ideas.

Ability to Establish Connections with Prospective Families

A preschool’s relationship with parents and their child begins prior to enrollment. Effective preschool tours are less about promotion of an institution and function more as an opportunity to learn the diverse needs of a family.
what they say

“She [Lori] immediately impressed us with the culture and curriculum that she had developed: one that fostered age-appropriate lessons while encouraging social skills and creativity in a loving, nurturing environment.”


“From pinpointing the root causes of certain behaviors and how to deal with them, to assisting us in aiding our young child to process a traumatic experience, we are eternally grateful for her intelligence, her advice, and her counsel.”


“Lori provided instrumental guidance through one-on-one meetings and parenting classes that she offered to all at the preschool. Sympathetic, yet always pragmatic, Lori was instructive, and quite frankly, a godsend.”


Questions? Lori is happy to answer them.